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G Slash
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Over the years I've managed to get myself into a lot of trouble. Most of this trouble started when I started writing slash. Now, putting aside the general state of homophobia in the world, most of the complaints I've gotten have been from slash fans themselves. And why you might ask?

Because I rate my stories according to content, not the pairing.

And so a debate began, over whether or not all slash fanfiction should automatically carry at least an R rating. I say no. And so, with much encouragement from mlleelizabeth, this community was born.

The Premise:

Welcome to G Slash, a new community created to fight against the current mainstream assumption that there is something inherently adult about homosexual relationships. Our goal is to break down old assumptions and make it known that slash isn't all about sex. That we can indeed write slash under an R rating.

The Rules:

--we accept fanfiction based on all slash and femmeslash pairings in any fandom.
--stories can be any length, from drabbles to ficlets to entire series.
--stories must be under an R rating.
--no flaming allowed.
--please mark all stories using the following format:

Title: (include chapter detail if wip)
Author: (your name or lj handle)
Fandom: (show, movie, book, etc)
Pairing: (m/m or f/f)
Rating: (up to PG-13)
Disclaimer: (because you don't own them)
Notes: (including any spoilers or authors' notes)

Have fun and remember, this community is about the love, not the sex.